Museum visit

For this virtual museum I decided to visit from the station to the Renovated Musee d’Orsay which was an online exhibit that represented the architectures of Paris. Some of the images were from the Paris-Orleans railway company and the ruins that it left after it was burned down in 1871. Also captured the remaking of it all and the worker that put countless hours into it. These images were very interesting to see because it demonstrates how they would construct a building years back then. Considering how it is now with so many innovative machines it really shows the improvements through the photos. Which makes you really analyze the work that they created because I would say it’s not easy to create a train station from your bare hands. Also it was very interesting to see the outcome when it was finished with the train station being completed. In one of the photos it included the lobby and the different passengers that were there. Since it was from the late 1800’s the outfits that they had on were very sophisticated and unique with women wearing these puffy dresses and men in tuxes. This entire exhibit was very interesting to see because it really demonstrated a clear image on how they constructed and the efforts of the Paris-Orleans railway. Overall, I think the online exhibits are such a great idea because with all of this going on the artist can still display their hardworking work to many audiences.

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